Understanding The Concept of Life After Death

Understanding The Concept of Life After Death

The idea of life after death is frequently ignored by people as they just live their lives without really thinking about the after-world. However, life on earth cannot just be a biological event that randomly took place and people came to life and started living. It means more than that because human life is well organized that from birth till death, there is a gradual process by which humans develop and that cannot be a coincidence. Surely, there is life after death because as a person sits back and thinks about who humans really are, why they were created and where they will go after leaving earth, that tells something. Again, just like there is a reward for everything done on earth, especially at work, there is also a reward for what mankind did in the whole of their lives on earth. That reward for how people lived their entire lives are given after life and that is the beginning of afterlife.

Life after death begins when someone

Life after death begins when someone dies and so death is in the middle between life when people are born and after they die. So, though humans dislike to think about death, it exists and often comes to them when they do not expect it. Interestingly, there is general agreement that death is real and there is a journey after it. What is argued about is the understanding of the activities that take place during the journey after life. Some believe it is just another journey after life but this cannot just be an ordinary journey, rather it is a time for account of life activities. When individuals are born, they come with nothing, no properties, no sins and no good deeds.

After death when they are leaving

After death when they are leaving the world, they leave behind whatever properties they got and go with their deeds, whether good or bad. Humans are made of body, mind and soul and so in effect, they are souls in bodies struggling to meet their daily needs. In death, the individual’s mind and body stops to function, and they move into some sort of darkness as a start of their life after death. The human spirit is real force that moves the physical body in life and that force remains after death.

Of course, it is believed that

Of course, it is believed that it is Angels that cause death but one of three things to the soul after death. The soul is either gently guided by gone souls of family relatives or friends on the new journey or the soul may be reluctant to go because of the uncertainty of its destination. They do not want to go because they will be thrown into Hell fire because of the sins they committed whiles they were alive on earth. Others are also held back and refuse to go due to their physical desire for things like sex. For others, it is the feeling that there is nothing for them after death or that they did not accomplish all their plans before death. All these take place in the lower spiritual realm where the soul feels lonely, not loved and without hope.

Understanding The Concept of Life After Death

At this point, the soul begins to feel a lot of regret for all the sins that were committed during its life and starts to develop some fear and helplessness. It goes through a lot of reflection and hence being haunted for all the bad deeds that occurred before the afterlife. The feeling appears to be like demons frightening the soul and causing it much fear but this feeling does not go on forever. Some souls of loved ones from the higher spiritual realm will occasionally come to guide a soul to the next spiritual place. Christians in some instances pray for some souls that are still around to peacefully go to the higher spiritual level. No soul remains in the darkness forever, though it would have suffered the regret of the cruelty and pain it caused to others during life.

In the higher spirit world, there is calmness, peace and light and those who have died will live there till the day of Judgement when God will then judge who goes to Heaven or Hell. Before this decision, it is the Angels of God who gather everyone at one place and surround them. None of mankind will be able to escape from that gathering where judgement will be given. Once gathered, people will stand for six decades for causing God’s anger.

Thereafter, account of what mankind did before the afterlife will start and will be done quickly. This will take the form one of two sheets of records, one in the right hand for those who are lucky to go to Heaven. The other one in the left hand for those who are selected to go to Hell. Unfortunately, for those going to Hell, they will be thrown there by the Angels in charge without any mercy due to their bad deeds. On the other hand, those selected to enter Heaven will have to cross a bridge into it. The ease with which the crossing will be done depends on the level of their good deeds.

It is important to add that, out of those who will be thrown into Hell, some who had very little belief in the Almighty even in His existence are going to be removed. God will direct that they should be sent to Heaven for just believing that He existed and fearing their meeting with Him. If anyone fails to leave the fire after this, they will remain there till the Almighty smashes them and the entire fire with His foot. Fortunately, the dwellers of Paradise will remain there forever enjoying all kinds of wonderful drinks, food and other everlasting blessings. Quite lucky dwellers of Paradise will occasionally see the Almighty in His real form either partially or in full. This will be determined by their closeness to the Creator before the afterlife. If you were too close to Him, you will easily see Him in full otherwise you will see Him partially.

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