The Theory Of Life After Death

The issue of life and death remains one of the most challenging subjects ever. It is a burning question that some are still struggling with to find the right answers. This is one of the topics that baffle both scientists and renowned scholars. For many years, the question of life after that has preoccupied researchers who are still searching for the answers. The most difficult part is not finding the answers but, where to get the answers is even more of greater concern. There are, however some rumors from a few individuals who claimed to have had a spiritual or supernatural encounter when they gave up the ghost.

Most of the individuals with similar encounters had the same narratives of a better life for the righteous and a painful one for the sinners. Some people believe in a life after death while others think it is a gamble. Whether you believe it or not, there are common fears that run through the hearts of every mortal. The thought of what will take place after death seems a scaring one particularly for those who live recklessly and hurting others through their evil deeds. Also, the fear of death and what happens after seems more consuming to those who don’t believe in the existence of a supernatural being.

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Christians refer to him as God, the creator of the universe with whom all things originated. The only thing that seems to give meaning to life is when people and accept the existence of a Devine deity. Aside from this belief, every other thing may seem to make no sense. Most of the theories of life after death are based on assumptions; they have not been proven by anyone so far. This is because nobody can tell with exact precision of what happens after a person is buried. That is one of the mysterious things about life, science has facts and evidence of what happens for a child is born. There is concrete evidence of what happens when a man a woman meet as husband and wife.

Again, the process of fusion between the sperm and the egg cell is what results in a fetus. But, when it comes to life after death, there are no scientific facts or evidence to prove or justify that. Millions of persons across the globe have died ever since the world began. The population of those that have died is almost more than those still alive. To add to this, the only book that attempts a vivid explanation of life and what happens after death is the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ told his disciples in one of his teachings that he is going to prepare a place for them after which he will come again to take along with him.

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In another episode, he said in his father’s house there are many mansions. Some of his disciples like Peter and Paul have written several epistles on this subject. Apostle Paul in one of his epistles said for him to live is Christ and to die is gain. This scripture implies for him to be alive was to fulfill God’s purpose and after death, he goes to meet Jesus. The foundation for the Christian hope and belief of a life after death is based on this text.

This hope in a life after death was further confirmed when Jesus himself died and resurrected three days after and ascended to heaven 40-days after. It is still a mystery to unravel the human existence and even a greater one to imagine there is a supernatural being who exited before even the world began. The mystery of life and death revolves around him.

The Theory Of Life After Death

Jesus in one of his teachings said he has the power of over death; this was again confirmed when he died and rose from the grave. Nobody in the whole of human existence has ever been recorded to have died and come back to life. The Holy Bible and the Koran mention Jesus to have died and resurrected. Therefore, to fully understand, the dilemma of life and death is to first believe in the Holy Bible which has a detailed explanation with evidence of those who went to heaven alive like Enoch, and Elijah.

Some went to heaven like Abraham and Moses the scriptures say that during the transfiguration of Jesus, Moses and Elijah appeared on the mountain. Remember Elijah went to heaven alive while Moses only went after his death. Their appearance was symbolic to show that some will still go to heaven alive during what the Christians called rapture while others like Moses will only go after death.

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