The Reality of Life After Death

The Reality of Life After Death

There is convincing proof to showcase the fact that there is life after death. The Bible promotes the fact that human beings are made up of body, soul and spirit 1 Thessalonians 5:23. The spirit is invincible and plays a more significant role after the passing of an individual. As a result of this, anyone who has a close relationship with God, can gain access to what happens after death. Let me buttress this fact by giving a practical example that occurred to me. An encounter ensued between me and some diabolic powers who wanted to kill me. The battle was quite challenging to the extent that my soul suddenly detached from my body and as soon as it happened, angels were leading me to heaven.

As the journey commenced, a power beyond me suddenly introduced a Christian song that describes Christ as the Alpha and Omega. A few seconds later my mouth was already engaged in singing the song so powerfully until my soul made a quick detour and returned to my otherwise lifeless body. In this case, a clear passing experience had occurred but due to divine intervention, the soul returned to the body.

Such miraculous manifestations were further established

A person dies when the soul leaves the body on a permanent basis. It results in the cessation of physical life while the soul and spirit continue to live. Matthew 10 supports the fact that the soul and body can be subjected to death through eternal punishment by God. As highlighted earlier, human beings are made up of three parts. Apart from this, the relationship between these parts was established when Lazarus was raised from the dead as obtained in John 11. Lazarus had already died four days before being raised back to life. His passing was designed to simply bring glory to God through the action of Christ who looked up to heaven before he ordered him to come back to life.

Such miraculous manifestations were further established in Matthew 17 when Jesus had embarked on a journey with three disciples to a mountain. Moses and Elijah suddenly appeared by his side before Peter pleaded with Jesus to allow them to build three houses for them. As it were, Moses and Elijah were supposed to have died before now. Their sudden appearance was made manifest through the power of God to prove the existence of afterlife.

As soon as any human body

Jesus Christ further buttressed this fact when he talked about a rich man and Lazarus as obtained in Luke 16. When they were alive, Lazarus was a righteous beggar who resided at the rich man’s gate. The rich man lived a sinful life and after his passing, he ended up in hell unlike Lazarus who ended up in Abraham’s bosom. This story gives credence to the fact that there is life after cessation of breath. Going forward, Apostle Paul expanded this concept by using Christ’s death and resurrection as an example as obtained in 1 Corinthians 15.

As soon as any human body dies, the process of decomposition begins immediately. Death merely empowers some micro-organisms to become more active by feasting on the corpse towards replenishing the soil. Some organisms begin to act on it until it is fully returned to earth. Ultimately, it is expected to be made whole again by God’s prompting during resurrection from the dead as obtained in Acts 24.

The Reality of Life After Death

When an individual is asleep, the three parts still function as a unit. However, he is often unmindful of events around him because he is unconscious. But as soon as he wakes up, the these parts assume their normal functions. The act of sleeping does not limit man’s spiritual activity but instead, promotes it In essence, his spiritual consciousness enables him to fully participate in dream activities.

Kindly allow me to use my experience to support this fact. In a dream experience, there was a sudden separation between my soul and body while asleep. My soul suddenly found itself existing outside the body without being able to regain access to it. Meanwhile, my loved ones had begun to deliberate on burial plans. As they discussed, everything was visible to me but due to my condition, the ability to speak to them was already lost. This experience clearly depicts the fact that an afterlife exists in the spiritual realm.

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