The Life After Death

A soul must have lived before having a discussion about its after death life, death is the inevitable end to breathing souls. A living soul is destined to die, no matter how long it lasts. Humans know about death and its inevitability, the strangest truth is that the dead will still be alive with a dead body, alive in his spirit form. The dead will surely feel sad watching over his lifeless body while his loved ones mourn over it.

Death doesn’t show respect, it strikes with its blindness, the thing called Death hits anyone irrespective of the person’s influence, power, money and other important possessions. Men live with the thoughts of dying one day, death usually comes with destruction whenever it strikes. Anytime it appears, it is to end lives, take many lives in a single day, leaving the bereaved to mourn the dead. The end of life called death is universally believed to be a natural and an important part of life which can never be eluded by anyone.

The word Death means different things

Naturally, it hurts to see people losing their souls to death. Death shatters hearts because people get separated from their loved ones anytime there’s an occurrence of death. The dead will leave the world of the living to another world to experience the life of death. Death is simply referred to as the end of life, when a soul stops breathing. It’s a terror capable of disconnecting a person from consciousness, cherished ones and life experience, of course death is terrific to humans.

The word Death means different things depending on the situations, death can be used for other representation other than a life, whatever thing you find in a moribund state is dead. Death isn’t only meant for human beings but for every living thing. Animals are not excepted from the shackles of death, likewise plants and other related things.

People die through accidents, accidents, road

The only difference is that only human beings are believed to have lived to deal with after death. The likes of animals and plants have no life after dying. They were created to serve humans and their purposes ended after death. Death occurs in different ways, it strikes in different styles and places. An end can be put to a life through sickness, whether a brief or longtime illness.

People die through accidents, accidents, road accidents or even home accidents. A plethora of lives have been lost through life struggles and humans also die in the hands of humans. Certainly, a man can kill his fellow human for so many reasons. It could be for money, power, hatred or anything in life.

The Life After Death

There’s still more to the existence of a man after death, death is unavoidable in every man’s life. Nevertheless, death isn’t the end of everything about a man’s existence, death only ends man’s life but not spirit. Existence of spirit but not body or soul. When a man dies, the spirit will leave the body instantly. The spirit will be separated from the body.

A chance attached to life after death is the opportunity given to the dead to visit people or places as desired. They can visit their people, especially loved ones, while waiting for the end of their lives. A dead person wanders around the places well known to them during their lifetime. They mostly stay with their people to protect and watch over them. It is however not possible for a dead man to feel and touch another living man because flesh can’t feel the invisible unless the flesh also goes into the spiritual realm.

Afterlife existence often happens in a spiritual realm, usually as a result of an individual reborn into this world and start the cycle of life all over, most likely with a fresh memory without the event of what they have done or said in the past. In this latter view, such rebirths may occur perpetually until the individual gains permission to a spiritual realm or other world. The next phase after is still based on different beliefs, ideologies including philosophy, science, traditional etc. It is so because no human being has experienced it and come back to give an accurate account. Everything about life after is tightly based on assumptions and predictions.

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