It is not Clear that There is no Life After Death

It is not Clear that There is no Life After Death

There are practical cases of an afterlife; although religions have conflicting beliefs and views. Christianity believes that when you die, your soul goes out of your body and waits for resurrection; where it stays is the main concern. Those who pleased God while alive will be taken to heaven; they will stay with God. And others whose actions did not please God are thrown into hellfire; they cry in anguish without any help. People are used to crying when their loved ones die; but they forget that they, too, will die and meet the dead in heaven or hell.

Life after death can be looked at from the experience shared by a Noetic Scientist in a mystical novel written by Dan Brown (The Lost Symbol). A sick man is put on a scale to be weighed while alive. His weight is bigger than the one gotten when he finally dies. The scientist is letting people know that the mind or soul is a measurable entity. Apart from the belief, it is written in the Bible, the book of Genesis that God created man in His image and likeness. He made Adam and put a breath in him; and it is said that man communicates to God through the spirit. And this same spirit is taken to leave the body after death.

Using local example, certain sick persons

A set of religious people called The Jehovah Witness believes that the soul is a single entity different from the body; and that both the boy and soul are buried in the grave until Jesus Christ finally comes to judge the living and the dead. Which means that, like other Christian believers, the soul or consciousness is separate from the flesh; it supports the notion of afterlife.

Using local example, certain sick persons have testified that they found themselves in a different world and was sent back because their time had not reached to die. So, they came back to life and are still living; this conscienceless of the soul can be felt when you have a deep sleep or vision. Dreams and visions show that the body could be found elsewhere different from where the body is. Someone can dream and see where one is sharing lovely moments with a person.

The Hindu believe that death cannot

You can visualize yourself fighting and trying to survive horrible situations. All these cases show that the soul is deeply spiritual and is different from the body. Traditional religions also believe in after life; and experience from their mode of worship shows that. Prayers and songs are made to their gods to guide and protect them and accept their souls when they die. And this supports the Christian belief that the soul goes to God; although the traditionalist may not believe in hellfire.

The Hindu believe that death cannot be avoided by all humans; but the religion does not believe that heaven and hell exist, just like the Jehovah Witness. Christianity came from Judaism, and this religion initially believed that the soul is buried with the flesh. When Christianity came up, the Jews began to feel that man could share a place with the invisible God. Jesus supported the point when he died and rose to heaven on the third day. He still proved that the body is different from the soul, and the soul cannot die with flesh; there is life after death.

It is not Clear that There is no Life After Death

In the book of John (11:25-26), Jesus says that He is the resurrection and life; anyone who believes in Him will live, even though he dies. This shows that even if there is no heaven and hell, there is a living spirit in man, which cannot die with the flesh.

Science once had conflicting views about the mind-body and mind-brain controversies; but recent findings are gradually making claims that support the finding of the above Noetic Scientist. The mind is controlled by the brain; anything that can destroy the brain can also destroy the mind. Science believes that the mind is a matter and contains some energy. This scientific view is not far from those expressed above because matter has weight and occupies space. It is probably why the experimented body in the novel did lost weight after death.

Spiritual aspects of life does not always align with science because science is basically a reality discipline. Life after death is highly accepted by many believers, irrespective of the method of worship. It is said that anyone who does not accept the spirit is not well; there are people who do not accept. In all cases, daily experiences continue to convince people.

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