How Acceptable Is It If There Is No Life After Death


Life after death is a curiosity of people, its meaning will entirely depend on how you view the meaning of life. There is a difference between being alive and living life, which may make things a little more clear or easier to know on life after death. No dead person has ever woken up to tell us of what really happens after the death of human body, except for Christians who believe Jesus rose from the dead. That leaves you with only assumptions and stories we hear from others about the time they almost died but did not. Most of them say that while they were in critical condition in hospital, for different reasons, they tend to feel light and like they are flowing away from their bodies, which is still alive. They then move towards a gate and would have an encounter with a very bright being, some would say that the being is Jesus or God.

When they get better, they would

When they get better, they would talk of their experience on going to another realm. Some believe and others do not due to various reasons, beliefs and understanding. Scientists argue that the conscious, which depends on the brain wholly, cannot store such information if the spirit got the memory while it was out of the body. The brain, which is in the body, cannot collect data that is in another place if the owner of the body does not go to that place. It is also questioned because of the fact that because the conscious can only be on throughout the time and by claiming to have gone to another realm it may have needed the person to die. By death here, it means the complete shutting down of the brain and heart.

While they believe in life after

While they believe in life after death by leaving the body when you die, and going to another world with the spirit or soul, people desire proof of an actual dead person coming back and telling them. You can never really know what a person is up to when they come telling you such stories, but it is known that they make the bestselling books. The other explanation here of what happens when someone dies is the belief on actually dying but coming back as something else. It is believed that you become reborn in this same world but as a different creature depending on how you were in the previous life. Unlike the other explanation, this one suggests that when you are reborn you cannot remember anything, this supports the belief of scientist on the dying with all the memories and conscious.

How Acceptable Is It If There Is No Life After Death

It is a question with different and broad answers that may lead to more questions at hand. All answers are acceptable as opinions since everyone has a belief and reasons for it. Long ago, people died when their hearts stopped working, yet today neuroscientists came up with a way to modify a heart with problems and now manage to keep it working for a little longer. The rate of people dying due to a failed heart or several heart conditions has reduced ever since. Now, the people that are hard to save for neuroscientists are individuals whose brain get damaged from an injury. There has not been success on getting ways to improvise on that, as it is a more complex body organ although the research is still ongoing.

Living life is a state where you get to do things, whether spiritually, emotionally or physically, that gives you memories and experiences. It is a process from the day you were born to the day you will die. Being alive is when your heart is still functioning, has a pulse and pumps blood everywhere, and the brain is working by getting oxygen and transferring information to other parts of the body. So, if life is a process then there may be a possibility of life after death. This does not necessarily mean that the spirit will have a body to begin a new process, death might actually be a starting point of another process for the departing spirit. For instance, before a child is born its whole cycle revolves in the womb, and then when it is born and starts the form which you call life.

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