Explaining Life After Death

Explaining Life After Death

Christians’ rules on life after death are biblical are taught according to God’s laws. This depends on how the person stayed on earth, A sinner who disobeyed God on dying is sent to hell to burn for eternity with the devil. The faithful were to go to heaven, singing and praising forever. However, it is written and preached from the bible that this does not occur on the same day a death occurs. It would happen on the last day on earth where the angel would blow a trumpet.

All the dead will resurrect and be judged meanwhile the souls of the dead will be preserved in a purgatory. A place in which they will wait for the last day, Catholic Church usually teaches about this. They do not rise with their former bodies but are given new eternal ones. Muslims believe that they are actually in earth for a test which would determine their afterlife. They tend to do more good, it would give them a pass to heaven which they all call Jannah. The bad deeds led people to hell or Jahannam, muslims know that in heaven there is no suffering for it is a garden of peace. According to Islam on dying they stay in their graves until judgement day, Allah judges them, a resurrection of a body.

Some Hindus even belief that rebirth

Hindus have a complex explanation on life after death, this being that it is a wide religion. These believe that death is a sort of rest, that people are in a cycle of death and rebirth. Hindus confess that on dying you are reborn in a different body or even as a different living thing. You might be reborn immediately or take some time before coming back to living. Karma has a lot of influence on after life for how you treated others defines merits on how to be reborn.

Some Hindus even belief that rebirth is as animals, this can only happen if such had lived as a human severally without learning their lessons. Showing that they have trust in reincarnation. Buddhists say that if a person is reborn as several times as possible after death, such a person reaches a supreme state called enlightment. It is a place which the person gains certain powers or disappears, and it’s their end.

The land of the dead was

Different communities have explanations about life after death in parts of the world. The Greek for example have a complicated mythology on life after death. On death Greeks believed that the body separated with the soul, it then freed and began a journey to the land of the dead. A certain god would lead the spirits in the journey by helping them cross a river that separated the land of the living with of the dead.

The land of the dead was governed by lord Hades and was heavily guarded. This land was for suffering and punishment no matter how good or bad a life was lived, all ended there. Although, the heroes were exempted and taken to a different place for great happiness after their death. Traditional communities have a complex mythology too, the dead are highly regarded here with those who died earlier or long ago getting higher respects. It was said that the ancestors guided and ruled the living monitoring everything, it was even a pleasure to die. All this depended on the life a person lived for an evil person’s spirit went to hell to be punished. The good spirits lived in the spirit world and after a long time were converted to divine beings.

Explaining Life After Death

These spirits had supernatural powers, greatly influencing how the living worshiped, being second to the supreme being, respecting them was paramount. This means that the traditional people did not fear dying if they lived a faithful life. The new world has changed life after death explanations to a scientific new idea. Some modern people trust on dying it is the end of their existence, all this has been affected by scientists with their many beleifs.

Science has brought many explanations concerning afterlife, for instance the cosmic inflation states that there was an infinite big bangs in repetation. Giving rise to an idea that you will live on another planet, a place and time maybe in the future, this gives an idea of a cyclic life, no matter how long it takes even a million years, you’d live again. Explanations on life after death are almost similar, but people explain them based on their beliefs.

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