Could After Death Be A More Better Place Than Life Itself?

Could After Death Be A More Better Place Than Life Itself?

Before a seed is planted it looks old and somehow rumpled and dirty. But, when it starts germinating the appearance looks different, it is tender, beautiful, and clean. That is somewhat the picture of life after death for those who believe in the gospel of Christ. The picture of a better life after death can be seen from the perspective of a pregnant woman. God uses many scenarios and events of creation to show himself to mankind but, very few seem to understand this mystery. The handwriting of God is written on everything he created but, it takes wisdom to understand or unravel this mystery.

Let’s try to understand the picture

Let’s try to understand the picture after death looking at the mystery of a pregnant woman. Pregnancy is a mystery for those who care to believe, for a human being to be carrying another in her in a mystery. But, far beyond that, you notice that when a woman is pregnant the child in her womb is highly protected.

Whatever happens in the surrounding or physical environment doesn’t affect the fetus. The child is secured and calm, with no pressure, no concern the child has constant feeding whether the mother feeds or not. That is the handwork of God, you also notice that when a child is in the womb, he looks calm, always looking as if he is having a good time.

Could After Death Be A More Better Place Than Life Itself?

Quiet, and restful but, the moment the baby is born, the first thing that happens is the sound of screaming from the baby. This indicates that the child has left his comfort zone; the same is a picture of what happens after death. The life that the Bible foretold for Christians is one that portrays a baby in the womb. No tension, and no pressure, according to the Bible there is a better life for those that love God and live according to his instructions. Christ, before ascending to heaven promised his disciples of a better life, he mentioned going to prepare a better place for his children.

Everything you see on the planet including the houses, cars, aircraft, sky scrappers, and several others came from man’s imagination. But, that imagination came from God the creator of the universe. So, if God created the man who intends has developed the earth into a beautiful “garden” then how much more will heaven the place of God’s abode looks like. Life after death according to Biblical teachings has many amazing benefits for God’s followers. One of the most authentic and infallible books across the globe in the Holy Bible.

It has been tested and proven to be reliable with evidence that the hand of God is behind it. Several attempts have been made to destroy and silence the Bible but, to no avail. The justification of a better life after death has its roots from Biblical teachings. Even the Muslims do believe that and their Koran also indicates of life after death. This implies the belief of better life after death is not just a doctrine but, a Biblical fact.

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