Coming Back To Life After Death

Coming Back To Life After Death

Can someone come back to life after death? The answer to this question is yes, you can come back after being dead but it is not a guarantee. The act of your heart stopping for minutes or even hours and then starting to beat again is called the Lazarus Phenomenon. Numerous people all over the world have experienced it. A Frenchman, above the age of 50, was dead for over 17 hours before being revived, an act called resuscitation. Another special case was that of a British woman whose heart had stopped beating for over 6 hours before being resuscitated. These two cases were described by medical professionals as exceptional cases.

Death is no longer considered a

Death is no longer considered a quick and absolute moment but rather a process that takes time and can be reversed even hours after death. since time immemorial, a person was considered dead to an extent of no return when he/she stopped breathing and the heart stopped beating hence being motionless and lifeless. That notion changed when CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) was introduced around the 1960s. It revolutionized the idea of death as it illustrated that the heart could be restarted back when it stopped. This idea turned everything around and what was initially termed as death now became cardiac arrest and a starting point rather than wrap-up time.

Some people confuse cardiac arrest with

Some people confuse cardiac arrest with a heart attack but they are two very different things. Cardiac arrest is the last step in death regardless of the reason, for instance, a car accident, a chronic disease, etc. You can only be pronounced dead in case resuscitation fails or if you requested not to be revived. After you have been revived from death, some cells may be damaged to an extent that they can be fixed or may not be damaged at all. This is because it is only after you really die that the cells start to die as well. The process of cell damage and death occurs rather slowly and due to improved medical knowledge.

Coming Back To Life After Death

It can be slowed even further by, for example, regulating temperatures surrounding the body. Countless people who have been brought back from the dead have reported experiencing a unique, elevated, and transformed mental state. This can be as a result of the experiences they had when they were dead. Some people may be skeptical but the fact remains that these people were truly dead and were lucky enough to be revived before their cells could permanently be damaged. Experiences shared by the survivors can be rendered as eyewitness testimonies and partly feed our curiosity about what actually happens after death.

Testimonies of the survivors are not entirely the same as different people see different revelations. Some testify to seeing a glowing light, a deceased relative who encourages them with compassion and love, a reflection of their entire life within a short time-frame, a perfect compassionate unknown individual, etc. These experiences are neither hallucinations nor illusions as what is described is real, verifiable, and makes sense. The major scientific challenge is to understand how this is possible to happen at a time when the brain is fully shut down.

Such events are a paradox to medical professionals as they do not have fact-based answers. For now, they can only suggest that a human’s consciousness or the self may not be fully annihilated at the instance of death. Apart from science, different religious beliefs have different explanations as to why someone may come back to life, all based on supernatural breakthrough.

As can be seen from the above information, people can come back to life after death. This can only be possible if the cells are not permanently damaged. It is not a matter of minutes, it can be hours if the body is kept under the right temperature to delay the rate of cell damage. The possibility of being revived was fueled by the invention of CPR around the 1960s which entirely changed how professionals viewed death. Initially, when someone ceased to breathe, became motionless, and lifeless, they were pronounced dead. Today, when someone dies, he/she is said to be in cardiac arrest and can only be confirmed dead if CPR fails or had priory requested not to be brought back.

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